Headshot Photographer Reviews

“Christine Goulden brings professionalism, expertise and practicality to every session.  She has consistently given me photographs that are vibrant, eye catching, in line with the industry standard.  But, most importantly, they look like me.”
– Anson Mount, “Hell on Wheels”

“Well, when I went for my first Shoot with Christine I was wondering why she was behind the camera, when clearly she should be in front of the lens – but that’s not what we’re here for.  She’s patient, professional, NOT UPTIGHT and does a wonderful job of producing classic shots that you’ll be proud to show your grandkids in years to come.”
– Angela McKenzie

Actress Lynn Spencer | Headshots | ChrisPics Photography

“I love shooting with Christine. She has done my headshots twice, and I will definitely work with her again! She understands and works with my creative needs, and really let’s me be me, which shows in the pics.”
– Lynn Spencer

“Best headshot session I’ve ever had in my 25 plus year career in theatre. Chris is open to collaboration, listens to what your wants and concerns are for the shoot, and most importantly, she has an eye for capturing the real you. I highly recommend.” – Michael Edward Hodge

“Words cannot describe the amount of talent she has behind the camera. As a performer, I felt more at ease in the front of the camera and didn’t feel like I was auditioning. The shots were crisp, charismatic and affordable! Name another photographer who would give you a better deal? In NYC? While you think that over, check her site!”

– Maurice Tyson

“Chris I’m very pleased with the results. I think these were my two best headshots, and you did a great job with the retouching… thank you!” – LD