Headshot Prices

Affordable Headshots

Headshots can be affordable without being "cheap" headshots!  I keep my headshot prices low cost for actors because I know what it's like to be out there trying to make it happen and there's a catch-22 of needing the best headshots to book paid acting jobs and modeling gigs, but needing to make money to pay for the headshots in the first place!  I offer affordable headshot packages for actors of all levels and also have flexible payment options so you don't have to wait to book your headshot shoot.  You can get new headshots NOW and start booking work!  Your success is my success!  And I love to hear good news from my clients about the auditions and paid acting gigs they've book using headshots I took!


Wow!  A price you'd only find on Craigslist!  I'll give you the same focused attention I give to all of my clients.

  • One Look - 30 Mins Shoot
  • Full Session via Dropbox within 48hrs

Headshots Package $150

Two Looks + 4 Retouched Images
(2 of your favs and 2 of mine!)

Headshot Package $80

We'll spend a little more time together and get more variety in your shoot!  Afterwards, I'll send you my favorite photo, retouched.

  • One Look - 45 Mins Shoot
  • Full Session via Dropbox within 48hrs
  • Chris's Pick - One Photo Retouched

Headshot Package $200

Have more looks??  Choose this package for up to 4 outfit changes.

Four retouches included, your choice or mine (if you'd like me to choose for you)

Headshots Package $100

For just $20 more, we'll do 2 looks and you'll have TONS of photos to choose from.

  • Two Looks - 60 Mins Shoot
  • Full Session via Dropbox
  • Chris's Picks - Two Retouched Photos
    (one from each look, Chris's choice)

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Model Portfolio

Need to develop your modeling book?

Los Angeles Fitness Photographer

Do you need professional fitness photography to take your fitness model pics to the next level?  Want to submit yourself to fitness publications as a potential fitness model?  Or maybe you need promo photos for your #fitspo Instagram account and social media profiles?

Read more about my fitness photography rates and plan your Los Angeles fitness photoshoot.

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