Modeling Agencies for Children and Teens

So, your child or teen wants to be in the industry??  Don’t know where to start?  Start by reading my article on LinkedIn entitled “My Kid Wants to be an Actor/Model – Where Do I Start?“.

One of the most crucial elements of a successful modeling career for any one of any age is to have a good, reputable modeling agency.  Any unrepresented freelance model will tell you that the model agents get all the “good castings” and finding legit, well-paying modeling work on your own will be difficult.

Aside from being the first-contact for most creative directors, a proper modeling agency will also keep you protected from being underpaid on modeling jobs.  For commercial use of your modeling photos, your agent will negotiate a fee which entitles the client to usage for a certain period of time; usually for one year.  Sometimes, a client will extend the licensed usage period and you will be paid AGAIN – without having to shoot again.  This happened to me once for the very first paid modeling job I ever booked with my commercial print agent at the time.  It was an advertising campaign for a vaccination, which would be used in doctors’ offices, and had paid me $900 (before the agent’s 20% commission).  Then, after the usage period was over (I think it was 2 yrs), my agent contacted me to let me know that the client had extended the license for another 2 yrs and I would be receiving another $900 check.  Awesome, right??

Ok…  before I get too far off-topic, let’s get to the modeling agencies.  The agencies listed below are known, established, and reputable agencies that you should submit your child or teen to if you are seeking representation in child modeling or teen modeling.